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January 16 2013


How are STDs transmitted? STD Risk Calculator provides sexual risk assessments and details about the transmission of sexually transmitted infections

Many folks wish to know precisely how STDs are transmitted. The truth is that sexual contact, including sexual activity (anal sex and vaginal sex) are the primary modes where infections are transmitted. However, STDs may also be transmitted through oral sex and skin-to-skin contact. Attacks like chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis tend to transmit most effectively using the exchange of infectious body fluids that incorporate bacteria. Therefore, condoms that prevent fluid exchange tend to be effective at limiting these infections.

"How is HIV transmitted?"

Certain virally transmitted infections like HIV also display similar epidemiological properties. Frankly that fluid exchange is extremely efficient way of passing on the problem. Vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex are high-risk for transmission of HIV. Like microbe infections, condoms limit the transmission of HIV individually.

Other infections like human papilloma virus or HPV (herpes responsible for genital warts and cervical cancer) can certainly be transmitted effectively by simply skin-to-skin contact. Thus, condoms reduce transmission rates but do not prevent transmission of HPV altogether. Like HPV, herpes can also be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. When you will find active herpes outbreaks the rash and lesions linked to the herpes are highly contagious. However, even if there isn't a dynamic outbreak the herpes virus can be shedding and potentially causing transmission of herpes. It really is interesting to notice that herpes may be transmitted towards the genitals after received from one’s genitals or from one’s mouth.

"How is HIV transmitted?"

STD Risk Calculator is a superb online app that enables people to determine their chance of getting an STD by combining the transmission risk with the population risk and behavior risk. Whether your spouse is infected, how likely it's to pass on the STD, and also the information on your sexual behavior all have an impact on your own odds of infection.

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